Doctor Shahram Shadrokh

Doctor Shahram Shadrokh Associate Professor

Doctor Shahram Shadrokh

Associate Professor

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Scientific positions of MR. Doctor Shahram Shadrokh in Journals

Position Journal Name
Editorial BoardIndustrial Management Studies
Editorial BoardOptimization of Systems and Business Processes

Scientific papres

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Conference Papers
row paper title conference name
1 Assessing Project Management Maturity Comparing Process Definition and Process Practice (Download Paper) 06th International Project Management Conference
2 ارایه تعریف بافر منبع در زنجیره بحرانی پروژه برای زمانبندی پروژه در شرایط عدم اطمینان در زمان فعالیت ها (Download Paper) 15th International Industrial Engineering Conference
3 Data Mining in Construction's Project Time Management - Kayson Case Study (Download Paper) 05th International Project Management Conference
4 Integrated model of a three-stage supply chain (Download Paper) 09th International Industrial Engineering Conference
5 Minimal Delaying Alternatives Algorithm for Solving Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem Subject to Nonrenewable Resources with Prescheduled Plan (Download Paper) 09th International Industrial Engineering Conference
6 تخصیص نقاط کنترلی برای اندازه گیری پیشرفت پروژه در ساختار شکست پروژه ها (Download Paper) 11th International Project Management Conference
7 زمان بندی متمرکز چندین پروژه درزنجیره عرضه و برون سپاری فعالیت های پروژه ها (Download Paper) 08th International Industrial Engineering Conference
8 شناسایی و تحلیل کیفی و کمی ریسک پروژههای نیروگاهی (Download Paper) National Conference on Researches of Industrial Engineering