Doctor zia Tajeddin

Doctor zia  Tajeddin

Doctor zia Tajeddin

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Scientific positions of MR. Doctor zia Tajeddin in Journals

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Editor in ChiefIssues in Language Teaching

Scientific papres

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Journal Papers
Row Paper Title Journal Volume and Issue
1 آموزش نمود دستوری به فارسی آموزان غیر ایرانی: بررسی مقایسه ای روش های تدریس ساختاری و ارتباطی (Download Paper) Language Related Resaerch Volume: 3, Issue: 1
2 L2 Learners’ Use of Metadiscourse Markers in Online Discussion Forums (Download Paper) Issues in Language Teaching Volume: 1, Issue: 1
3 Scaffolding Comprehension and Recall Gaps:Effects of Paratextual Advance Organizers (Download Paper) Issues in Language Teaching Volume: 2, Issue: 1
4 مقایسه دو روش اندازه گیری کلاسیک و سوال - پاسخ از نظر تاثیر خصوصیات آزمودنی ها بر ویژگی های سوال و بالعکس (Download Paper) Educational Psychology Volume: 2, Issue: 4
Conference Papers
row paper title conference name
1 The Analysis of Politeness Strategies Used in English Textbooks (Download Paper) 1st National Conference on English