Doctor Mohammad Taghi Akbari

Doctor Mohammad Taghi Akbari

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Scientific positions of MR. Doctor Mohammad Taghi Akbari in Journals

Position Journal Name
Editorial BoardJournal of Police Medicine

Scientific papres

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Journal Papers
Row Paper Title Journal Volume and Issue
1 Association of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and angiotensin converting enzyme polymorphisms with recurrent pregnancy loss in Iranian women (Download Paper) International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine Volume: 13, Issue: 10
Conference Papers
row paper title conference name
1 Another approach for identification of gene interactions relevant to pathogenesis of complex disorders (Download Paper) 8th Iranian Ophthalmology and Eye Science Research Conference
2 Detection of new allele of HLA-DRB1 gene by high resolution DNA sequencing (Download Paper) 12th Congress of Iranian Genetics Society
3 From whole exome sequencing to functional study: A bioinformatic framework (Download Paper) First Personal Medical Congress
4 The influence of polymorphic positions of the HLA-DRβ1 and HLA-DQβ1 molecules on risk of T1D in Iranian population (Download Paper) 12th Congress of Iranian Genetics Society
5 بررسی و طبقه بندی منشاهای ریسک در انواع مختلف بیمه های شرکت بیمه ایران شهر اصفهان سال 1393 (Download Paper) National Conference on the Millennium and Humanities